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Super Duper High School Artist

You sure were proud of the title you were given. Top of your category, hardest working, and yet you had the displeasure of being selected to go to Hope's Peak Academy. Thing was, you thought it was the most perfect thing in the world, considering you were picked to be in the first batch of students to  go, so you had no idea what was in store for you.

But of course, your sister got an invite as well. She being the Super Duper High School Gardener and all, just a year older than you. Your sister got on your nerves, but maybe it was because of the fact that you usually had a thing against people like her.

Right now, you were packing your backpack with some necessities, which included about half your house.

“Outfits, check.. Hairbrush, toothbrush, backup toothbrush in case someone uses the first one, backup backup toothbrush in case someone uses my backup... Check! Books for when I get bored, a few sketchbooks, pencils, charcoal, Prismacolor pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, and a few sets of blending stumps, checkarooni~!” you listed off all your packed things with a grin.

The smell of burnt toast made its way to your senses just before the distant screech of frustration did. This caused you to laugh a bit too loudly. Your sister burned her food again. She was definitely not the best cook.

A girl with long [h/c] hair that cascaded down her back, landing to just tickle her hips, and blue eyes glowing with anger stomped her way in to your room. “Make me dinner!” she harshly demanded, eyes gaining more frustration by the second. You weren't too good with cooking yourself, but you made it work.

“And why should I? I swear, you're worse than England,” you snorted, hands settling on your hips. This didn't happen very often. Your mother was out for the week to go visit some of your relatives in Switzerland, so she wasn't there to cook like she usually did.

“Who?” She tilted her head, the livid expression on her face slowly melting in to that of confusion. You swore that she could be distracted so easily.

“You know who.”


“Yes,” you replied with a shake of the head. With waving of hands, you were shooing your sister out of your room.

Having people in your room was quite embarrassing, it felt as though they were going through your underwear drawer just by stepping foot inside the dark space. That included family and possibly any future lovers, but you grew amused at the thought, you? Have a lover? Ha.

“Now go home, Katrina.”

“...This is my home.”

“Well at least you can do one thing right!”

That earned you a hard smack on the arm. “Stop joking around, we have to leave, like, right now!” Katrina whined, hobbling out of the room to grab her bag. That's right... The plane leaves in an hour.

With backpack in hand and your sister in tow in the other, you were out of the house and in the car. It's too bad that you never got to say your last goodbye to your parents. At least you knew that they were going to miss you.

Let's just say that your driving skills were as scary as spiders were to most people. Katrina had to drive you both, all while you were yelling at her to turn off the country music.

Time skip brought to you by You Know Who

You can say that the plane ride might have been the worst thing you have ever had to sit through because of your sister's loud complaining. This made the arrival to Hope's Peak Private Academy all the more delightful once you ran ahead of her to enjoy a few minutes of silence while she fussed over how bad her hair was apparently looking.

And now you stood in front of the tall building, a strange feeling brewed in the pit of your stomach. You passed it off as excitement and ignored it.

This is it. I wonder what everyone else is gonna be like? Real snobs, I bet, who wouldn't be when they're the best at what they do?

Your steps forward tingled, and then burned. Are my feet on fire? No, wait, my whole body is burning... I'm so dizzy that I feel like I'm going to throw up, I need to find a trash can... You stumbled forward in a desperate attempt to stay awake before collapsing in to darkness.

Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy – School of Despair

My body is so stiff...

You realized why your back was aching, and it happened to be because you were laying awkwardly against a wooden desk. An odd-feeling, dry trail of drool was on your chin. How embarrassing.

It was gone once you harshly rubbed the sleeve of your grey and black striped hoodie against your chin. You brushed a strand of [h/l] [h/c] hair out of your face. Now, you could focus on where you were and why you were there.

..A classroom. Your [e/c] orbs narrowed with disbelief, pangs of panic and fright surging through your torso. The windows are blocked by steel plates bolted to the wall... You couldn't feel your limbs, for they tingled to the point of numbness. The clock caught your gaze, eyes slowly moving over to look at the time. You took notice of the security camera set up along the way.


A colorful looking note or pamphlet, you couldn't tell from where you were, had caught your eye. It sat on a desk just a couple in front of the one you woke up in. You picked it up and blinked. Crayon.. It's written in.. crayon..

How professional.

Congratulations on enrolling.

A new term has begun. A fresh start. This school will become the world you guys live in.

It proceeded to tell you that there was an entrance ceremony at 8 o'clock. You frowned in disappointment with yourself, a hum stuck in the back of your throat. Being late to things usually bothered you a lot, especially when it came to new settings. It took a while for you to find where you were going when it came to new places.

And so, the wooden door of the classroom slid in its place with an odd gear grinding sound as you pushed it open.

Gym. Go to the gym. ..Where is the gym? Look for big doors. Your plan was obviously foolproof. Wander around looking like an idiot while whining about being lost.

The unusual purple hallways sent chills through your body. You couldn't tell whether your face felt like it was freezing or burning with nervousness. Probably both.  All windows in the hallway were covered by bolted steel plates as well, mirroring those that you saw in the classroom.

Your eyes darted from side to side, steps growing smaller as you started to grow more worried. What if I'm going the wrong way? Everyone would laugh, I'm such an idiot. Am I in the right place? What do I do once I go there? Questions flew through your mind, your eyebrows furrowing just a little more with each one.

Fortunately, there was a friendly sign above a set of double doors you found that read:


One step in to the gym, heads turned, and suddenly, all eyes were on you.

I have no idea how to breathe.

You couldn't tell if your face was burning with a strong blush, it probably was anyways. Faces, faces, memorize the faces... Stop staring at me, is there something wrong with me? Did I miss some drool? Quick, say something!

“What time is it?” was the only thing that came from your cursed mouth. Great, how smart you were. Though, you do have to admit that you were worried about whether you were on time or not. You were almost sure you had spent an unbelievable amount of time wandering through the inauspicious halls.

“So, you're a freshman too, huh?” said one of the boys. He had awfully.. large hair, soft brown eyes, and a bit of stubble on his masculine jaw. In all honesty, you were most frightened of his hair. His outfit was nice though, and you might steal that jacket one day if this place ever turned in to a winter wonderland. Or you might just steal it.

“Y-y-” As you started to reply, the large haired boy was saying something when an overweight boy that reminded you of a guinea pig came out of almost nowhere.

“So that's seventeen of us! An odd number indeed...” he said, setting his hands on his hips.

“Um...” a soft, boyish voice came from near the back of the group. You blinked and turned your head in the direction it came from, only to discover a small girl with soft brown hair in layers, raising a shaky hand. “Did you wake up in a classroom too?” she asked, the fingers on her other hand fiddling with the green bow tied to the matching uniform that she was wearing.

You nodded, unable to speak.

“I knew it, we all did too..”

There were quite a few people from what you were looking at, but you were really glad that there wasn't a student body the size of the sea in here. You much preferred to have this small number of people, it would be easier to warm up to them.

There was a nice looking girl with blue hair and eyes to match, wearing the usual school uniform. That reminded you, did they have uniforms here? It was a private academy, after all...

There was a gothic lolita with drills that could pierce the heavens, a girl that looked to be quite athletic, a black-haired boy in a white uniform who wasn't too hard on the eyes, an uptight heir boy, and- Is that a guy or a girl? ..I think that's the Ogre that I read about on the threads..

Everyone looked relatively nice to you, sort of. The person who caught your eye was a guy who looked like he would be in a biker gang, and what looked to be brown corn on his head. You almost burst out laughing at the hairstyle, but straightened up your back and squinted your shining [e/c] eyes at him. I guess the hairstyle does look good on him. Oh well, it's not like I'll ever start talking to him or anything. Biker guys never gave you good vibes, at least you don't think they were good.

An average looking boy had arrived, and you wanted more than anything to steal that jacket of his. He was greeted with mostly the same questions, though dialogue was changed and new comments were input.

Corn Hair opened his mouth to say something. “The hell's with this place? It's like the discrimination office I was in.”

Your eyes slid off to look at something else before you got too nervous with looking at everyone. Words were exchanged, although you didn't bother to listen. Your sister abandoned you to go talk to the athletic girl and the Ogre, leaving you to fend for yourself.

“You know what's more important? Finding out where all my stuff went. I have no idea where my cellphone is,” a girl with rather large twintails and a face that could match a model's said, waving her hands in the air.

Your eyes widened as you shoved your hand in your hoodie pocket to look for your iPhone, letting out a quiet curse when all you pulled out was pocket lint.

“Come on guys, cheer up. This is probably some kind of orientation that the school planned out,” Large Hair pulled something out of his pocket, “that's why my crystal ball's telling me!”

“For real? Is it accurate?” asked a boy with rather nice red hair that had been standing next to you. You blinked and shifted your weight on to your left leg.

There was an earsplitting noise that made you yelp and cover your ears.

“Testing! Testing! Whatever, I'm sure you can all hear this.” a voice said, you presumed it was coming from the stage, where a pair of large speakers were set up. “Hello to all the freshmen, let us begin the entrance ceremony.” What jumped up to land on the podium shocked you to no end.

A bear?! It has to be remote controlled, that's it! Yeah..

“A stuffed toy?”

“I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Monobear, principal of this school!” the bear said, and stood up. “Nice to meet you all.”

Guinea pig boy screamed some words that you couldn't understand all that well.

“I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Monobear. And I'm your principal. Now that we've made some progress, let's get this show on the road,” it said, waving its arms up and down. The bear made you feel even more nervous than you already did, making you wrap an arm around your queasy stomach.

“Stand and bow! Good morning to you all.”

The black-haired boy suddenly bowed. “Good morning!”

“You are the promising, young high school students who carry the hope of the world on your shoulders. And in order to protect and care for you wonderful symbols of hope, I have decided to let you all live together within the confines of this school.”

“What's the meaning of this?!”

“As for how long you'll be living together.. There is no time limit!” Your eyes widened, you felt like you were going to be sick, you were so nervous! “Basically, you'll all be staying here the rest of your lives!”

“The rest of our lives... here?” whispered the girl with nice light brown hair.

“Don't worry. We've got a huge budget, so you won't be inconvenienced in any way.”

“Hold on, that's not the issue here!” said the athletic girl.

“Like, you've gotta be kidding me!” Model Face had a funny expression on.

“So wait, those steel plates in the classrooms and hallways are there to keep us locked in here?” asked the average boy.

“Correct~! So you can yell and scream all you want, but nobody's going to come save you.~”

You covered your mouth with your other hand in shock and to try and keep from the contents of your dinner and airplane breakfast from coming up.

“Ahem,” Monobear cleared his throat. “So, whoever wants to leave this academy will have to play by a certain rule.”

“Wicked! I can play by rules!” you said, giving a large smile. You would be out of here in no time!

“I don't care how you do it,” Monobear flipped off the podium, “but only students who have killed someone will be allowed to leave this place. That's all there is to it. Pretty simple, no?”

“You can use a blunt weapon, stab, beat them to death, put them to the sword, burn them to a crisp, crush them, strangle them, or even shoot them!”

“Oh what an ingenious sense of exhilaration that I can't achieve just by attacking this salmon or humans!” Monobear chucked a wriggling salmon off to the side. “A situation full of despair where the hopes of this world attempt to kill each other... Man, it gets me so hot!”

“Nevermind, I can't play by rules after all,” you squeaked. You could feel the hot feeling rising up through the middle of your chest. You didn't listen to anything else that was said so that you could calm yourself down.

“Kill each other?! This practical joke's gone way too far, buddy!” the words of Corn Hair caught your faded attention.

“Joke you say? Are you talking about your hairstyle?” Monobear pointed his little paw at the corn head. Corn Hair picked him up.

“What was that, you piece of shit? I don't care if you're radio-controlled or a stuffed toy. I'll smash you to bits and pieces!”

“Gaaah! Acts of violence towards the principal go against school regulations!” Monobear whined, then went limp, his red eye flashing with a bright red light that was almost blinding. You stepped back and shook your head.

“This is bad! Throw him away!” the girl with purplish hair commanded, looking quite panicked. “Just do it already!”

With that, Corn Hair chucked the bear in to the air and away from him just as the flashing and beeping noise got quicker. Your eyes widened as it exploded in mid-air, the explosion caused you to turn your head away and cover your face.

“Did that stuffed toy die?”

“I'm not a stuffed toy! I'm Monobear!” You whipped around to see the exact same Monobear reappear on the podium once again. Wha..

“S-Screw you!”

You were too busy looking wildly around the gym to try and find out how Monobear managed to live and get back to the podium without you seeing to even listen to the principal's last words before he lowered away behind his little stand.

This isn't what I had hoped to come to, I thought we would be in a normal private academy! Not a murder arena of despair..
A Dangan Ronpa xreader fic, because there's just not enough of these. Plus, Mondo needs some love, doesn't he?

There isn't much of the ship in this chapter, but it'll show up later.

Table of Contents
Chp 1: Right here, you qt 3.14!
Chp 2: Here!
Chp 3: Here!

I do not own the picture, this artist does!

I do not own Dangan Ronpa

You belong to me~
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