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Last time...

After that incident, most of you went back to your rooms since it was almost night time. You instead sat in the kitchen, drinking from one of the milk cartons and flipping through your current sketches. You set down the milk carton and wrapped your freezing cold fingers around the half eaten apple and took another large bite of it. The core was chucked in to the trash, and so was the empty carton of milk after you chugged the rest of it.

You returned to your room and flopped on your bed, sighing deeply.

I can't imagine a more screwed up situation than the one we're all in right now. I guess it's survival of the smartest from now on.


You heard that Maizono's body had disappeared from Naegi's room, and the crime scene was mysteriously cleaned up.

It took a scalding hot shower and another carton of milk to get you on the right track again.

“In this academy, after each Class Trial, a new world will open!” Monobear swept his paw through the air while you uninterestedly stared at him through the medium-quality screen. “If you don't provide enough excitement, people of ignorant generations like you guys will get bored quickly!”

“Anyways~ Do search freely~!”

The announcement clicked off with a light buzz accompanying it. You tilted your head and climbed down from the mural you were currently working on.

It was a surprise to you that you found a ton of paints just laying somewhere in the hall! Wasting them would be a shame, and the room just felt too foreign to you, so you decided to make it feel more homely with some of your artwork. You were sure Monobear wouldn't mind, you hadn't seen anything about it in the rules, after all.


“This is... what he means by new world..?” Naegi asks with a troubled expression, fiddling with his fingers.

Everyone gathered before the metal shutters that blocked the way to the second floor, you showing up a bit late. It irked you, but you needed to clean yourself up before you could go outside your dorm.

One by one, everyone cautiously adventured to the unknown world of the second floor and started to investigate. They all reminded you of cute puppies and kittens being introduced to their new home. It was pretty adorable if you did say so yourself!

Your sister took to visually devouring a pile of books that she pulled off the shelves herself. Usually she would hiss at the sight of a book, but she really seemed interested in these. You guessed that she must be upset without being able to garden for the past week and instead read books to distract herself for the time being.

She was good with that, so you busied yourself with poking around at some of the books and rifling through the first couple of pages to see if they were interesting. “Has anyone read The Giver?” you called out to the others, only getting a disinterested reply. You shrugged and tucked the book under your arm before moving on to another random spot in the shelves.

“Aaaaalright, anyone read any of the Nancy Drew books? Heard they're great!” you called again, getting little to no reply this time. These guys should be renamed Super Duper High School Party Poopers. Another book was added to your under arm.

“Okay, if you guys haven't read a Lord of the Rings book, I'm going to scream!” you yelled. There was no reply. You gave a frustrated scream.

Regardless, you didn't take a Lord of the Rings book. You had already read them so many times, and you just didn't want to spoil the exhilarating experience! Instead, you took a couple of romance books and one or two horrors.

When you returned to everyone, they just seemed to be talking with each other. You hummed thoughtfully and sat down a bit away from them to read. The light arguing didn't reach your ears a single time.


An announcement interrupted you from your delightful reading of one of your romance novels.

“Attention young ones~! It's quite obvious that within your speech, you are trying to convince each other that you're just. It's too obvious~” And with that, Monobear was gone once again. Was that really necessary?

The feeling of an oncoming headache was so clear in your head, you felt like you should spend some time away from these guys and maybe take a nap.

You skimmed through the rest of the book and chucked it carelessly over your shoulder for it only to hit the wall behind you and land on the ground with a loud thud. They may be in possession of a school in which murders take place, but books are books, and need to be treated gently as if you were caring for a child.

You stood up and bid a quiet goodbye to everyone, knowing that they wouldn't listen to you anyways. The trip to your room wasn't too long, and you managed to make it there safely and without delay.


Diiing dooong, diiing dooong...

“Good morning, you guys! It is now 7:00 A.M.! Rise and shiiine~! Let's make today in to the best day it can be!”

You answered the morning announcement with a loud groan and sat up from the floor next to your bed. Must'a fallen..It took an hour to go about your daily routine, or what you could make of it in your new environment. Your hair was so soft after your shower!

Ugh, I should start keeping track of days before I start to go crazy. You took a notebook from your backpack and flipped past the sketches of all the current students. Third page, you decided to use, and marked down the first day. This would be your journal for now, you figured.

Week 1 – Day 1

I woke up with no disturbances today!

You left a small space after the date to put in a title once the day was over. “Maybe this'll help me cool down!” you smiled. The notebook and pencil were left on the round table in the middle of the room.

Hmm, I wonder if everyone's already at the cafeteria? Wow, I'm feeling real hungry..


Only a few people were seated in the cafeteria, and they looked... off.. from when they had first arrived. Well yeah, they must be shocked from this entire thing!

You decided to make some pancakes for everyone. If each person had two pancakes each, you would need... 26 or so pancakes? Was that right? I'll make thirty just to call it safe. Thirty pancakes.


Were you crazy?

On a normal day, you wouldn't be able to stand making even four pancakes, let alone thirty! It was best not to question you though, because when you wanted to do something, less times than not, you'd do it.


And so you mentally cursed yourself after you were done cooking. Some of the pancakes burned in the beginning, so you threw them out.

You went back and forth between the cafeteria and the kitchen, dropping off plates of hot pancakes topped with melting butter and silverware to the confused students. Lastly came the syrup and honey as an extra topping.

“Ooh~ Something smells g-r-e-a-t! What's cookin', good lookin'?” the irritatingly familiar voice of your sibling wormed its way through your good mood haze and to your mind's state of reality.

“Pancakes are done~” you answer, sitting at your little round table; it didn't surprise you much that you sat alone as usual.

“Ooh, these taste great!” Asahina exclaimed with a smiling mouthful of syrup-drenched pancakes.

“Thank you, [Y/n],” Sakura says politely. You nod and smile sweetly to the both of them.

“I must be wanting more, because my stomach's moaning,” Hagakure laughed, a few chunks of pancakes flew from his mouth.

“You aren't even getting half of it down since you-” you started.

“Paaaancakes~ Mooore pancaaaaakes~!” Hagakure moaned, holding his stomach.

“There's more pancakes right here, afro dork,” you said, sliding the plate of leftover pancakes towards the moaning boy.

The warm breakfast had managed to lift everyone's spirits enough that they were able to talk comfortably with each other again!


“Why are you laying on the floor..?” Naegi asked you while you were sprawled lazily on the cafeteria floor.

“Am I not allowed to have sudden urges to lay on the ground?” you asked, stretching out on your side and glancing up at him.

“N-no, I mean..” Naegi trails off, looking elsewhere. No other response came from him. He blurted out a goodbye before disappearing somewhere. Must be wanting to explore some more. Haven't they done enough exploring? Maybe it's just time for them to settle down in their rooms or something.

“..What time is it?” you asked out loud, twisting your body to try and catch a glimpse of a clock anywhere. You sighed and just pulled out your only electronic device to look at the time.

“Noon already, where has my life gooooone!”


Week 1 – Day 1

I woke up with no disturbances today!

I also made pancakes for everyone, which was an absolutely nightmare. Going barefoot in kitchens is terrible, my foot is still thawing out!

The only good way to spend half the day is to stretch out on the ground~

"It's barely even five pages" I tell myself as I stare at the writing program.

"It has to be seven pages, just like all the others!" my brain says.

"You know what, no, it's been almost three weeks just POST IT."

In which the last half of the chapter looks poopy because all my ideas that I wanted to put in were coming way too early. And yay, we added a journal system!

Comments are encouraged!

Table of Contents
Start from the beginning!

Chp 4: Here!
Chp 5: Shortest chapter so far~
Chp 6: Coming faster than chapter 5

I do not own the picture, this artist does!

I do not own Dangan Ronpa

You belong to me~
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7prince1 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! This is really good. c:
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Sorry , i didn't leave a comment until now cuz' i wanted to read all the Chps , now i'm done and i must tell you something...I LOVE IT :3 
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Hehe, if you can't do seven pages do what you can, being inspired and well plan is hard when doing a reader insert or any story. I know, however the chapter good...and has it been 3 weeks? I've lost track of time again.
AerolithHD Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I lose track'a time too, so don't worry! Often I would sit at my writing program and think, 'I'll just finish it tomorrow,' and repeat it each day, ehehe. :iconehehefinlandplzplz:
blahhy Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
Hehe yeah I've done the same. :)
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