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Week 1 – Day 1

I woke up with no disturbances today!

I also made pancakes for everyone, which was an absolutely nightmare. Going barefoot in kitchens is terrible, my foot is still thawing out!

The only good way to spend half the day is to stretch out on the ground~


It was now nearing night time, and all you've been doing is sneaking around the two floors to see if you could sneak up on anyone. You did find Mondo, and he didn't seem too happy when you jumped out from behind the corner and played 'Surprise Tag' with him.

You went to your room and tried to turn the handle, but its disappointing clicks told you that it must have locked. The sign on the door clearly showed that this was your room, and you even had where the room was memorized in case your nameplates got switched. “Definitely my room...”

Let's just say that the next fifteen minutes were spent with you jumping on the doorknob to try and see if it was jammed and just needed a bit of weight. Then, you tried turning the handle to the point that it stopped and throwing all of your body weight against the door. No luck with getting in, only hurting your shoulder and making you angry.

“...I locked it from the inside didn't I.. Oh no..” you pouted, figuring that you had probably been leaving the key in the lock and half closing the door until this morning. Maybe you had closed it all the way this time and it locked on you?

“Locked doors, how fun.”

Commence drumming on the door.


You slid down the wooden surface in the hall and opened your journal that you took with you after the second entry.


Week 1 – Day 1 - Locked Out

I woke up with no disturbances today!

I also made pancakes for everyone, which was an absolutely nightmare. Going barefoot in kitchens is terrible, my foot is still thawing out!

The only good way to spend half the day is to stretch out on the ground~

Guess who got locked out of their room? That would probably be me. It's awful close to night time, so maybe I'll go and sleep in Katrina's room.


You close the book and stood up, walking to Katrina's door and slamming your side against it in a lazy attempt to knock, finger mashing in to the buzzer bell.

The door unlocked and you were suddenly on the ground and groaning in pain. “Rude!”

“Rude is not looking someone in the eyes when you're talking to them,” Katrina huffed, folding her arms under her chest to boost up her chest. You didn't know why she did it, and honestly, it was just weird. Especially when it was your own sister.

“Katrina shut up, I need to ask you something,” you said, standing up with a grunt and rubbing your left ear. The floor smelled so weird. I wonder if they have any febreeze up in here? Make the entire school smell like miracles!

“Ugh, what is it? Make it quick, I was just about to do my nails.”

“Wait, you brought nail polish...? You know what- Nevermind! Can I sleep in your room? I locked myself out of mine...” you trailed off, feeling yourself heat up in embarrassment. Katrina let out a snort.

“Just for that stupid moment, no, you can't,” she shrugged your plea off and slammed the door in your face.

“Rude! Ugh, who can I mooch off of for sleeping space?” you asked aloud to yourself. The idea of staying up all night did pass your thoughts, but you disagreed with it. Staying up wasn't the best thing when it came to you.

You rang Asahina's buzzer, waiting for an answer.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Aww come on! No answer? Asahina was out of the question. You went to Chihiro's door and went to press the button, but stopped. Chihiro said that this was when she usually went to sleep, so I won't disturb her!

You would have buzzed for Fukawa if not for the fact that it and Togami's doors were already open. Togami was probably up in the library and Fukawa was watching him again. That's what you guessed at least, from what you saw just two hours earlier.

Kirigiri in general frightened you, but you would never say that out loud! Sakura was also out, because Asahina was most likely with her if she wasn't answering her door.

“No sleeping anywhere outside dorms...” you said, repeating the phrase over and over to yourself. After seeing Enoshima impaled after breaking the 'No Assaulting Principal', you weren't too keen to start sleeping in the middle of the halls and wake up to a face full of punishment.

You don't know why you did, but you tried opening your own door again. To your surprise, it was open this time, swinging freely on its hinges to lightly come to a stop. Well, I guess I won't question this then. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth or something like that, right? Wait no, that was only if I wanted more gifts..

A light laugh pushed through your lips, a relieved feeling spreading through your chest. You swear that you had been starting to get a panic attack and were almost tempted to go sleep in Mondo's or Hagakure's room. Though you think you might have preferred the outlaw biker over the wacky-haired fortune teller. Both had a chance of killing you in your sleep or something, but all that big hair makes you feel confused.

The door shut with no sound when you closed it, you turned around and flopped lazily on to your bed. “I really need to make some gently caressing friends!” you exclaimed, rolling around on the clean pinkish sheets out of frustration. You weren't that good when it came to communicating with people on your own, and were a bit scared at the thought of how they would react.

Sometimes though, you would be able to dance through the day and be able to talk to anyone without breaking a single worry sweat. Those times made you feel fantastic, but something awful bad usually happened when you were happy like that. You were sure that it was nothing to worry about though, this was just a locked up academy full of scared kids, right?

Oh geez, who knows what a cramped space inhabited by angsty teenagers would cause? We already had one murder happen! Angsty teenagers weren't exactly the best people in this situation, but that's what Monobear wanted, huh?

You decided to try and plan for tomorrow, and hopefully the next week if all of you guys happened to survive past three days.

Maybe I can try and do some more spirit-lifting activities or something? I already made pancakes once, and it pissed me off. I shouldn't have worn socks with holes in them. Hmm, I guess general communication between everyone would be the best bet? Unless some people are anxious to get out of here because of those weird videos that Monobear gifted to us... Were those real? Because I sure hope they weren't..

Talk. You decided to at least attempt to do a lot of talking with everyone tomorrow to try and train your people skills when you weren't hyped on magically generated happiness. It's at least worth some effort, right? You don't think it would be a good idea if you continued on being the girl who never tried to make friends because she was too scared to strike up a simple conversation with anyone. Yes. Crappy friend making training is a go for the morning??

And with that, you wiggled under the wrinkled covers on your bed and snuggled in to the inviting warmth.

You fell asleep soon after.

More short fanfics, poo </3 Hope you enjoy them anyways!

We managed to use one of my ideas since it wasn't too early~!

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